EDWARD BRICKLEY                                 ned.brickley@gmail.com  



PROFILE:                  Highly skilled, results-oriented Applications / Systems Administrator with extensive experience in fast-paced environments.  Proven track record for achieving or exceeding goals, providing timely project delivery, and streamlining daily systems operations.  Quick learner with a broad skill set and the ability to complete projects and assignments working with limited instruction or supervision. Excellent communication, organizational, time management, problem solving, customer service, troubleshooting, and technical skills.


  • Systems Administation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Infrastructure Buildout  
  • Database Management
  • Installations & Upgrades 
  • Project Management
  • Virtualization
  • Desktop/Help Desk Support
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Technology Planning
  • Training & Development


EXPERIENCE:         Brickley Consulting


·        Set up and Configure home computers

·        Configure home networks

·        Virus removal

·        Applications installation and instruction

·        Home network security set up


                                     Systems Administrator (Contracted)
LAHEY CLINIC, Burlington, MA (February, 2015 - October, 2015)

·        Assigned to Lahey ECMS, (Electronic Content Management System), through the Stowe Group.

·        Managed 117 ECMS IIS, Content Management and Windows based Tomcat servers.

·        Worked with Lahey Server Team to provision and maintain ECMS servers.

·        Documented all processes involved with configuring new servers and creating new internal production web sites.

·        Worked with Lahey Citrix group to provision new Load Balanced Virtual IP’s.

·        Performed QA on new and updated web applications.

·        Managed all ECMS Printer Servers, configured new printers for internal customers.

·        Responded to ECMS trouble tickets through the Remedy system.

·        Configured Solarwinds to monitor the Lahey ECMS applications.

·        Worked with Lahey Networking group to troubleshoot intranet connectivity issues between Lahey sites.

·        Attended mandatory HIPPA training.

·        Developed installation documentation for Captiva Scanning applications for Desktop and LanDesk groups.


                                     Applications / Systems Administrator



·        Assigned to the Retail Applications Department and contributed to integration of Cpower systems and applications into corporate IT infrastructure after acquisition by CEG.

·        Helped close North Andover office, decommission server environment, move IT resources to headquarters in Baltimore, and transfer all data into CEG infrastructure.

·        Serve as Applications / Systems Administrator for Virtuwatt Demand Response system.  Perform remote monitoring and system checks.  Support 40+ internal end users.

·        Administer 140 Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 servers (virtual and physical) in production, user acceptance testing, staging, and development environments.

·        Manage 4 load balanced IIS servers handling Virtuwatt and Virtuwatt Mobile web sites and 6 load balanced IIS-based FTP servers including set up for local client accounts.

·        Install new and updated applications using Microsoft Web Deploy.  Compile web applications using Virtual Studio 2010 Premium.

·        Manage mission critical remote terminal unit application including installation of new configuration files and monthly switch of production and back up servers.

·        Utilize SQL Developer to install new drop modules for each updated application that uses the Oracle Database.

·        Monitor critical server health using Host Monitor by Advanced Network Software.  Oversee file transfers with Ipswitch MoveIt.

·        Integrate 500,000+ files daily from 10,000+ customer energy meters into complex database.

·        Ensure accurate storage and ease of access to 1-2 GB of test data per day.  Centralized log files and consolidated 50+ GB of data per month, compressed into 5 GB of space.

·        Comply with strict regulatory requirements, avoiding major penalties and fines.

·        Ranked #1 in performance (out of 200+ employees) for bonus purposes.

·        Coordinated system operations for an energy company with 400+ major accounts including the State of Massachusetts, Sears, K-Mart, Target, Macy’s, and PETCO.

·        Served on a 20-person Applications Group and oversaw all local production servers and test, quality assurance, and account management systems.

·        Integrated 200,000+ files daily from 5,000+ customer energy meters into complex database.

·        Aided in support, packaging, and deployment of up to 15 applications including software updates to Test and Production servers using InstallJammer.

·        Updated and maintained all user accounts for portal web site.  Administered IIS and FTP servers hosted at third party vender.  Determined future needs for business scaling.

·        Selected and managed installation of HP EVA4400 storage array and production servers utilizing Windows Server 2003 and 2008. 

·        Managed installation of new telephone and internet systems via third party contractors.  Designed new server room for North Andover office.

·        Led technology upgrade projects of $100,000+.  Played a key role in quadrupling computer capabilities and capacity.  Set up and managed Bugtracker.Net incident tracking system.


Disaster Recovery Analyst (Contracted)

FIDELITY INVESTMENTS, Merrimack, NH (03/ 2007 – 12/2007)


·        Served on a Disaster Recovery team and ensured that all Disaster Recovery desktop systems were operational and fully updated using Altiris.

·        Updated and maintained 800 pages of Disaster Recovery documentation and developed detailed Visio drawings for all contingency sites for the Northeastern United States.

·        Oversaw monthly contingency site tests in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

·        Facilitated temporary relocation of PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte & Touche auditing teams including access to network connections and equipment.

·        Coordinated inventory and replacement of desktop UPS units for 900 users.

·        Recommended virtualization technology and prepared a detailed proposal for the use of VMware or other virtualization applications in a contingency situation.


Senior Technical Support / Help Desk Technician

SANMINA-SCI / HADCO CORPORATION, Salem, NH (09/1998 – 06/2006)


·        Provided desktop support to up to 2,000 employees in Sales, E-Business, Oracle Programming, Customer Service, and Telecommunications groups.

·        Offered limited phone support to 8,700 employees worldwide using Remedy call tracking system.  Aided in global roll out of AuditWizard systems auditing package.

·        Created local NT Domain accounts and Exchange Email accounts.  Assembled and configured 60+ Windows NT4 / Windows 2000 servers and 12 Solaris servers.

·        Instructed local IT groups and aided in documentation for proper setup and auditing system implementation including servers and application scripts.

·        Prepared multiple servers for the AWCS Inventory control application and contributed to implementation at facilities in 4 countries.

·        Researched and resolved up to 250 trouble tickets/support requests per week.

·        Added or removed printers from Windows NT 4.0 network print servers.  Cleared print queues on NT and UNIX print servers.

·        Built, deployed, and maintained desktop and laptop computers.  Assisted in corporate rollout of PeopleSoft and Microsoft Outlook.

·        Created and maintained user network accounts for new employees using CSA.

·        Trained in Sarbannes-Oxley 404 requirements by Sanima-SCI internal auditor.

·        Aided in data migration from a Progress to an Oracle database.


EDUCATION:           Completed MCSA course involving Windows Server 2003 and XP Professional



MCP Certification - Windows NT 4 Workstation



OPERATING            ·      Windows 95 - Windows 10                           ·      Some UNIX/LINUX

SYSTEMS:                 ·      Windows NT 4.0 - 2012 Server                    ·      Various Virtualization Systems


HARDWARE:           ·      Compaq Servers & Laptops                           ·      IBM Servers, Desktops & Laptops

                                      ·      Dell Servers, Desktops & Laptops               ·      HP Servers, Desktops, Laptops & Printers


APPLICATIONS:     ·      Altiris                                                                ·      ManageEngine

                                      ·      Micrsoft Office 95 - 2013                              ·      BugTracker.net

                                      ·      Dameware NT Utilities                                   ·      Various Antivirus Systems

                                      ·      Microsft Web Deploy                                     ·      Virtual Studio 2010

                                      ·      SQL Developer                                                ·      Host Monitor

·      Ipswitch MoveIt                                              ·      AuditWizard

·      Visio                                                                  ·      Solarwinds