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I am back for now

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

Hello, this is Xinqing. I have not written for a long time. I divorce my husband. He very sad. I go to Alabama to be with my sister. Now I come back to New Hampshire. I now living with my old husband. We are ok. He is my friend and he help me with things.

I have new job now. No more restaurants! I work in factory. My job is moving, but not to far. Today we go to Londonderry to find fastest and shortest trip.

I also am getting new green card My old card is expire at the end of the year. My old husband help me with papers. He do it all on computer. It cost almost $600, but it move very fast. I get appointment for my picture and fingerprints.

I was nervous buy no problem I was done in 20 minutes. Now I wait.

I go now

Bye bye!


I am back!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Hello everyone, this is Xinqing. I am back in America.  I get home last night and my husband is very happy. He tell me everything that happens since I go to China. My father in-law is in hospital. He have fall and break a bone in his hip. He just leave regular hospital and go to special hospital to get better. My husband say his id doing a lot better now. I go visit him Saturday.

I need to buy new cellphone. My older sister say I should get Iphone. My husband say to expensive, Everyone in China have Iphone. My husband say they are not real Iphone but copies. I know. 😉

My husband show me the cost of the phone and the plan. TO EXPENSIVE! He also show me another place that is much cheaper. I decide later. Maybe I take old phone and go to Tmobile again.

My husband have my car registration. He did that when I was in China. He wanted to have inspected but I need to sign paper. He has taken it to place to be inspected. It should be ready later today.

I go to visit my friend and have lunch, I be back later.

Bye Bye


Happy Chinese New Year!!

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Hello this is Xinqing. I want to say Happy New Year!! I am very busy, I go to work and then go to New Year parties. I also cook a lot of good food.

Now I tell you, this is a good year. It is the Chinese Year of the Bunny! 🙂