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I go on vacation

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Hello, this is Xinqing.

I work to hard. My husband say I need a vacation. I am taking vacation in August. I go away 1 week. I think I go to Tennesee and see my sister. 🙂 (more…)

My sister has a new car

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Hello this is Xinqing!

I am talking to my youngest sister. She came to America and married Buddy. My sister also buy a new car. It is a good car, but mine is better. 🙂

My sister drives her car on the highway. It takes 20 minutes for her to get to work. I think the highway to scary! I don’t drive on highway. My sister braver then my.

I go back and talk to all my sisters.

bye bye!

2008 Archives

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

My Things 2008

This is what I wrote about last year. 🙂

December 6, 2008
I am feeling better. I got to my dentist and he tell me to use special mouth guard to stop me biting my teeth in my sleep. I don’t like but it is making my headache get better.

I stay up all night learning English. My husband get up to go to work and see me sitting at my kitchen table reading. I tell him I not sleepy because I drink coffee at work. He tell me that I will go to sleep at school. I don’t! 🙂

My husband is learning his new job. He has paid day off and vacation. I very much like that! I also work but only part time. I like this boss. This boss much nicer then my old boss. She was very mean.

It is getting very cold. Maybe snow.

I talk to my sister in Tennessee. she has job helping woman with new baby. She very busy now. This is good.

I go talk to my mother and my other sisters now.

bye bye!

November 14, 2008
I have been busy. I go to school, I go to work and I have headache. I think it is because I have teeth pulled. My husband say that is part of it but he thinks it is also weather and my biting my teeth in my sleep. I don’t know.

My husband get good news! He get a job! A regular job too! No more temporary work! I am very happy now. My stress is going away. 🙂

My husband say he start work next week, either Monday or Thursday. He says that it will be a 90 test. (It’s a 90 trial period, a trey before they buy deal. Xinqing’s husband) I think no problem. We are both very happy.

I go study English now.

Bye bye! (more…)