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I have job…

Monday, April 26th, 2010

I have a job, but for now I am training. I find a job in a new restaurant in Acton Massachusetts. I do not get paid while I am in training. 🙁

The job is 30 minutes drive from my home. I have to drive on the highway. I don’t like drive on the highway. It is scary!

I hope this job is better then the last job. That job was so bad I quit the first day! They yell at me. They don’t pay me my tips. No good.

I cook for my husband. He likes everything. My husband working very hard. His company is moving to new a office and he has to make everything work. He has to get internet, Telephones and move computers. He is going to be very very busy. He tell me his company is doing good.

I go to work now for more training.

Bye Bye.