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New drivers license

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Hello, this is Xinqing!

I get a letter from New Hampshire car license people. I need to get a new license to drive my car. My husband take the letter and says “Interesting”. He go on internet and fill out a form. He says that my new license will come to me in the mail.

I think I go to DMV to get new license, but my husband say a new law passed making this easy. I like easy. 🙂

He give me paper he print that is temporary license. I still say I have to go to DMV and get new license. Last week a letter come for me. It has a license in it. I think it is not real. My husband ask me how I like my new license?

“New License? I think fake” I say to him. He looks at it and say “No, this one is real, You are all set.”

I am surprised!

Well I like this. Is easy.

I go to work now. That is to hard. 🙁

Bye Bye