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I am back!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Hello everyone, this is Xinqing. I am back in America.  I get home last night and my husband is very happy. He tell me everything that happens since I go to China. My father in-law is in hospital. He have fall and break a bone in his hip. He just leave regular hospital and go to special hospital to get better. My husband say his id doing a lot better now. I go visit him Saturday.

I need to buy new cellphone. My older sister say I should get Iphone. My husband say to expensive, Everyone in China have Iphone. My husband say they are not real Iphone but copies. I know. 😉

My husband show me the cost of the phone and the plan. TO EXPENSIVE! He also show me another place that is much cheaper. I decide later. Maybe I take old phone and go to Tmobile again.

My husband have my car registration. He did that when I was in China. He wanted to have inspected but I need to sign paper. He has taken it to place to be inspected. It should be ready later today.

I go to visit my friend and have lunch, I be back later.

Bye Bye