I go to China

Hello this is Xinqing. I have been very busy, but now I lose job. My boss say no work. Because I have no work I go visit my mom in China. She is not good. She is in hospital.

My youngest sister is in China with our mom. She is coming back to America to be with her husband Buddy. I will be gone for 3 months, but I be back before American Thanksgiving. Then I can find new job.

My husband very said that I go to China, but he understand my mom needs me. My husband is very good. He knows how important my mom is and he help me to find tickets.

My husband is very busy with his work. His company move to a new building. I have seen his work old building. It look like it is about to fall down. My husband says his new work building is much better. I hope so.

I have to go now.

Bye Bye!


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