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I lose job

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Hello, this is Xinqing. I know I don’t write for a long time but I have been so busy. Now I am sad. I lose job this week. I also have car accident! I no hurt, but the boys’s mother very mean to me.

I was hit in back in parking lot by boy learning to drive. My car broken, but not so bad. My husband talk to mean lady and they talk insurance things. My husband then talk to insurance man. It not my fault so we don’t pay. My husband take my car to get price to fix it and insurance pay for it.

Now I go back to China for 2 months to visit my sisters and all my friends and family. Hopefully my husband get regular job while I am away, He lose job last December but get new temporary job two weeks later. He also get big severance pay. The company he is at now is famous hospital. They were supposed to make him regular employee, but the big project he was on cost to much so they don’t hire anyone.

He is still temporary worker and they say he has job at least until end of August. I hope they start hiring people again. He needs regular work.

I go now


I am back!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Hello everyone, this is Xinqing. I am back in America.  I get home last night and my husband is very happy. He tell me everything that happens since I go to China. My father in-law is in hospital. He have fall and break a bone in his hip. He just leave regular hospital and go to special hospital to get better. My husband say his id doing a lot better now. I go visit him Saturday.

I need to buy new cellphone. My older sister say I should get Iphone. My husband say to expensive, Everyone in China have Iphone. My husband say they are not real Iphone but copies. I know. 😉

My husband show me the cost of the phone and the plan. TO EXPENSIVE! He also show me another place that is much cheaper. I decide later. Maybe I take old phone and go to Tmobile again.

My husband have my car registration. He did that when I was in China. He wanted to have inspected but I need to sign paper. He has taken it to place to be inspected. It should be ready later today.

I go to visit my friend and have lunch, I be back later.

Bye Bye


New drivers license

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Hello, this is Xinqing!

I get a letter from New Hampshire car license people. I need to get a new license to drive my car. My husband take the letter and says “Interesting”. He go on internet and fill out a form. He says that my new license will come to me in the mail.

I think I go to DMV to get new license, but my husband say a new law passed making this easy. I like easy. 🙂

He give me paper he print that is temporary license. I still say I have to go to DMV and get new license. Last week a letter come for me. It has a license in it. I think it is not real. My husband ask me how I like my new license?

“New License? I think fake” I say to him. He looks at it and say “No, this one is real, You are all set.”

I am surprised!

Well I like this. Is easy.

I go to work now. That is to hard. 🙁

Bye Bye